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We provide ASL Interpreters for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals throughout the nation. Hire an interpreter for your organization or event virtually or in-person.

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In our pool of nationally certified interpreters, we have professionals qualified to fit any situation. RISE administrators are also certified ASL interpreters. Many agencies advertise a one-stop shop serving all languages and consequently have mediocre knowledge and services. On the other hand, at RISE, we specialize in ASL interpreting and focus on what we do best!

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Educational Certification

The EIPA is used by more than half of the country to determine competency for educational interpreters. California requires a score of 4.0 or above to interpret in the K-12 system.

RISE offers the EIPA year-round!

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“You are awesome as always! Every time I need a “substitute” interpreter for one of our students you always respond, and even more important, when I need an substitute at a moments notice, you always come through for our school district! You always RISE to the challenge!! Thank you so much!”

T. Nunn | Student Support Services, Special Education

“RISE is an exceptional company. The care of their clients and interpreters never ceases to amaze me. The open and honest dialogue amongst the interpreters and office staff, who work for RISE, embodies what other agencies should strive to become. I commend them on their business practices and highly endorse them as the agency to work for.”

M. Foster | RID Interpreter

“RISE is professional and friendly. I would recommended that any company or agency use their service. I applaud them for their quickness and efficiency!”

T. Chapman | Employment Specialist / Deaf Consumer

“When I know RISE is providing my interpreter, my self-confidence rises because I know that I will be presented with a qualified interpreter…no other agency can compare to RISE. I cannot say enough good things about them.”

R. Smith | Outreach Specialist / Deaf Consumer

“Excellent service. The interpreters did a great job at my office appointments in the past.”

K. Thompson | Deaf Consumer

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