Q & A For Interpreters

Heard that IEP’s at Schools for the Deaf can be unique?

Join veteran CSDR Interpreters, Julie Hurdiss & Mara Bowdidge, to get all your questions answered at this free informal session!

Mainstream IEPs:
1 Deaf + Multiple Hearing

CSDR IEPs: 1 Hearing + Multiple Deaf

★ Who are Deaf IEP team members?
★ What is a Residential program?
★ What ages does CSDR serve?

Limited Space Available:
Priority given to RID/K-12 certified interpreters.
No CEU’s Offered.

About the Speakers

Julie Hurdiss

Julie is a seasoned sign language interpreter with 24 years of professional experience in the field of interpreting. She brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to her role as a workshop facilitator stemming from her work within the Inland Empire Deaf community as well as at the California School for the Deaf Riverside.

Having earned a national certification with NAD, Julie has established herself as a respected sign language interpreter in the industry. She has an organic knowledge of the language having grown up with Deaf parents and has been exposed to a range of signing styles during her career. She has sharpened her talents thru continuous learning in the specific area of analyzing, understanding and interpreting IEP documents in the 11 years she has worked at CSDR. 

Julie is looking forward to sharing her knowledge of the IEP process with her colleagues. In sharing what she has experienced, she hopes to help other interpreters feel more confident in their ability to effectively communicate the complex language used in these specialized documents. 

Mara Bowdidge

Mara embarked on her journey in the field in 2001 and has been a dedicated professional ever since. For 17 years, she has been employed at a few renowned schools for the Deaf, where she has honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the unique needs of the Deaf community. Her commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment has made her a trusted advocate for Deaf students and their families.

Beyond her role in the educational setting, Mara has extended her expertise to higher education and a litany of other types of work in the field. Her diverse experience has equipped her with a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in various interpreting contexts.

Recognizing the importance of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) in the lives of Deaf students, Mara has developed a specialization in interpreting these crucial documents. With a wealth of practical knowledge and insights gained from years of hands-on experience, she is eager to share her expertise with fellow interpreters. Mara believes that effective interpretation of IEPs is not just a skill but a vital aspect of empowering Deaf individuals to achieve their full potential.


The CASLI Knowledge Exam, How to Prepare!
         Presented By: Juti Seshie, Ph.D.
         8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
         0.4 CEUS (PS)

The CASLI Performance Exam – Hearing, What to Expect!
         Presented By: Juti Seshie, Ph.D.
         1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
         0.4 CEUS (PS)

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