Interpretation Services for Distance Learning

RISE above the obstacles posed by remote learning with an expert in ASL interpreting

Remote learning has become an increasingly popular form of education in recent times, connecting teachers and students in a safe environment. Thanks to the addition of interpretation services for distance learning, educators can make it an educational platform for all.

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The Benefits of ASL for Distance Learning

Whether adopted through necessity or choice, the virtual classroom is here to stay. Educators are subsequently tasked with finding new ways of accommodating all students and their individual needs. American Sign Language interpreting is one way to reach every student that your school serves.

For the 15% of children who are hard of hearing, the remote learning environment creates even bigger issues than normal as lip reading becomes harder and sounds from off-camera classmates may be missed. The addition of a certified ASL interpreter changes this dynamic and connects students with their peers and teachers. 

Studies have shown deaf students to be visual learners and a certified interpreter supports their need for communication in this field. Interpretation services for distance learning deliver a wide range of beneficial features for students such as:

  • Ensuring that they understand everything that is said
  • Removing fears of asking questions and make them feel included
  • Facilitating better social development as well as academic growth
  • Promoting a natural environment, allowing them to actually learn
  • Providing a clear visual aid when lip reading isn’t possible

Without some sort of visual learning aid, students who are hard of hearing struggle to access “classroom” communication. Dedicated interpretation services for distance learning are the key.

What Can Interpretation Services for Distance Learning Do?

Over one million Americans use American Sign Language as their primary form of communication while many more can benefit from it in challenging circumstances like digital classrooms. 

Our team of certified ASL interpreters can deliver a variety of services that are tailored for remote learning, working for the benefit of one student or several using a variety of methods.

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Some of the most method popular choices include:

RISE Interpreters can work with all major videochat and broadcasting providers, including Zoom and Google Meet. To find out more, give us a call today!

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Why Choose RISE?

When adding an ASL provider to the remote learning environment, only the best service will do. After all, students who are hard of hearing lose a great deal of communication even if their symptoms are mild. The right interpretation services for distance learning bridge this gap and allow for equal access to education.

RISE Interpreters is one of America’s trusted and reputable providers of ASL interpretation services for schools, businesses, and more. When partnering with our experts, educators are guaranteed the best services imaginable. This is because we:

  • Have years of experience in providing interpretation services for distance learning
  • Can provide a comprehensive list of interpretation services, all of which are tailored to your learning environment
  • Boast certified interpreters based across Southern California, meaning students also gain someone with local knowledge
  • Work with educators to ensure that the services can deliver results for all students

Whether you’re new to providing distance learning or want to take your remote environment to the next level, let us support you through ASL interpretation services.

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