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Resources For The Deaf / Hard Of Hearing

Self-Advocacy Cards

To better serve our Deaf clients, RISE has created a card to help educate others on how to best communicate with D/HH. Request a packet of free cards today!

Text on the card:

I am Deaf

To communicate in simple interactions, written notes between us may be sufficient. Formal or complex interactions require an ASL interpreter to ensure effective communication.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (, requires most businesses to provide interpreters as a reasonable accommodation for Deaf people.

I request you provide an interpreter.

download self advocacy card download Advocacy letter vri card

Frequently asked questions
for the Deaf / Hard of Hearing

How do I Request an Interpreter?

Request an interpreter from the business where you need communication.  The American’s with Disabilities Act and other laws generally require that business to arrange an interpreter for you at no cost to you. 

If it is their first time using an interpreter, please have them contact us:  (951) 565-4422 Voice  (951) 208-6886 VideoPhone

Is there a Charge for Interpreters?

Yes, we do charge an hourly fee for interpreting services.  VRI requests are usually a 1-hour minimum and on-site requests have a 2-hour minimum.

When Should I Ask for an Interpreter?

As soon as possible.  We recommend requesting an interpreter at the same time as you schedule your meetings or appointments.  

Can I Have my Favorite Interpreter?

Yes. Please ask for your preferred interpreter when making your request. It is not guaranteed but we will do our best to honor your preference.  

Can I Request a Male or Female for my Appointments?

Yes. With advance notice, we can usually accommodate gender preference.

How Do I Know if I Will Have an Interpreter?

Confirmations are emailed to the customer who requested services.  Please follow up with them to ensure they have arranged an interpreter. 

Is RISE Involved in the Deaf Community?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • RISE sponsors many Deaf Community events
  • The owners and most office staff are fluent in ASL
  • The owners and staff have Deaf family (see Meet the team)
  • Several staff volunteer interpret on a regular basis
  • Staff serve on ASL Advisory Committees for local schools and colleges
Can I Give Feedback About My Interpreter?

Yes, we always want to hear from you!  Please share your feedback directly with the interpreter or our office:

(951) 565-4422 Voice    (951) 208-6886 VideoPhone

What if the Interpreter Was Not a Good Fit?

Please call us to discuss. We can note that interpreter as “Not Preferred” moving forward. 

We can also add any of your favorite or preferred interpreters!

Start bridging the gap

Are you ready to communicate more clearly through professional, engaging ASL interpreting? Call us today to request an interpreter.

CALL (951) 565-4422 Request an Interpreter