Mentorship Program

RISE Mentorship Program

Acknowledgement on our Service Agreement

RISE partners with accredited ASL Interpreting Training Programs (ITP’s) to provide their students with opportunities to observe and mentor with a select group of our certified interpreters. Interpreters-in-training may accompany our working interpreters while on your job site.  

These interpreters-in-training complete the same checks as all our service providers: Live Scan, customer medical requirements, HIPAA training, and abide by a strict Code of Professional Conduct that includes confidentiality. 

Having an interpreter-in-training on site will not increase customer costs.


Why is this program necessary?

There is a shortage of qualified interpreters locally and across the country.  Developing interpreters of tomorrow is one way we are addressing this shortage.  We also offer professional development workshops, partner with RID as a continuing education sponsor, and offer EIPA and RID testing in our office.

How much does this cost?

$0.  There is no cost to customers.  All participants volunteer as a way to give back to the deaf community and support the profession of interpreting. Interpreters-in-training will observe and if deemed appropriate, may in fact interpret short segments under close supervision.

Who serves as Mentors?

Only a select few of our seasoned interpreters have been approved to serve as Mentors.  When a Mentor Interpreter is assigned to your request, if deemed to be an appropriate situation, we may schedule an interpreter-in-training to accompany them.

What type of appointments?

A variety of settings, job situations, people, and linguistic styles are sought to enhance the mentorship learning experience.


Prior to observations, we will obtain permission from all Deaf consumers involved, either in advance or at the beginning of an appointment.

Revoking Consent

Once giving consent, you may revoke consent at any time or let us know if there are any particular appointments you wish to exclude from observation.

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns

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