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Help your students RISE with our certified ASL interpreters.

Clear communication is the foundation of education. When your learning environment includes students who are Deaf or hard of hearing, the introduction of classroom interpretation services courtesy of RISE Interpreting can transform the educational setting forever.

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The Power Of Transparent Communication

Around 7.5% of Deaf and hard of hearing people around the globe are children, and those stats are fairly representative of America as well. Therefore, most classrooms will have at least one child who struggles with verbal communication in the classroom.

And while that may not manifest itself in full deafness, it could mean that a child (or children) experience deafness in one ear or moderate hearing loss symptoms. Unfortunately, even mild hearing loss can cause a student to miss up to 50% of the classroom discussion. 

This is particularly noticeable when multiple people are involved in the interactions as it becomes very difficult for individuals with hearing differences to follow every word.

In turn, this can lead to various miscommunication issues such as:

  • Limited understanding of topics
  • Misunderstandings of homework tasks
  • Stress and an unwillingness to attend school
  • Embarrassment and a lack of confidence
  • Restricted educational and social development

Thankfully, the presence of a certified expert in classroom interpretation services will help your students RISE and gain the benefits of a full learning experience.

Why RISE Interpreters?

The benefits of ASL classroom interpretation services for children who are hard of hearing are clear. They bring increased engagement, enthusiasm, and educational excellence while also establishing a sense of belonging and a level playing field.

However, those rewards are only gained if you choose an experienced and reliable service. RISE Interpreting delivers quality service that is trusted by educators.

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ASL services in the classroom include a range of elements, such as:

  • Simultaneously following the teacher’s input and classmate conversations, as well as the communication from the child they are working with
  • Understanding how classroom discussions are used to aid the learning objectives of the lesson, before presenting them correctly
  • Following the child’s understanding of the topic and filling in any aspects they have missed while also conveying this to the teacher
  • Facilitating the chance for the student to develop social connections with classmates in addition to the work itself

Here at RISE, our passionate interpreters are always looking for new ways to enhance communication. Moreover, through consistent ASL services, the students gain familiarity and confidence in the process.

Take the first steps to securing those services for your school by contacting our team of experts. We’ll connect you with an experienced interpreter in no time.

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