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Resources For The Deaf / Hard Of Hearing

Self-Advocacy Cards

Text on the Self-Advocacy

I am Deaf / Hard of Hearing

To communicate in casual or simple interactions, written notes between us may be sufficient. More formal or complex interactions require a sign language interpreter to ensure effective communication.

Federal laws, including The Americans with Disabilities Act (, generally require places of public accommodation (most businesses) to provide auxiliary aids and services (i.e. TDD, ASL interpreters, etc.) for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

To better serve our Deaf / Hard of Hearing clients, RISE has created a card to help educate others on how to best communicate with D/HH. Request a packet of free cards today!

download self advocacy card download Advocacy letter vri card

FAQ’s for the Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Is there a Charge for Interpreters?

Yes, we do charge an hourly fee for interpreting services (2-hour minimum).

How do I Request an Interpreter?

The organization/person paying for the interpreter should contact our office to set up an agreement.

When Should I Ask for an Interpreter?

As soon as you schedule your appointment or know you will need an interpreter.

Can I Have my Favorite Interpreter?

Yes! Please ask for that person at the same time as making the request. We will book them if available.

When Should I Ask for an Interpreter?

As soon as you schedule your appointment or know you will need an interpreter.

Can I Request a Male or Female for my Appointments?

Yes. With advance notice, we can usually accommodate gender preference.

How Do I Know if I Will Have an Interpreter?

We will email you confirmation when we book an interpreter. Contact our office to set up your profile.

Is RISE Involved in the Deaf Community?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • RISE sponsors multiple Deaf Community events (CSDR movie night, Deaf Awareness Week, etc)
  • The owners and most office staff are fluent in ASL
  • The owners and staff have Deaf family (see About us)
  • Our CEO is the Vice Chair for Riverside’s Model Deaf Community Committee
  • Our CFO served as Secretary for CAD – San Jacinto Valley Chapter
  • Several staff regularly volunteer interpret on a weekly basis
  • Staff serve on ASL Advisory Committees for local schools and colleges
Can I Give Feedback to My Interpreter?

We encourage you to share your feedback directly with the interpreter. If you’re not comfortable doing so, please call us to share. We will discuss it with the interpreter.

What if the Interpreter Was Not a Good Fit?

Please call us to discuss. If necessary, we will mark that interpreter as “Not Preferred” by you and not send them to your future appointments.

Start bridging the gap

Are you ready to communicate more clearly through professional, engaging ASL interpreting? Call us today to request an interpreter.

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