How to Make Your Customers Feel Heard

When it comes to your customers, you need to help them to feel valued and heard. There are so many options for consumers these days, that if they aren’t happy with you, they can easily choose another company to spend their money with.

In fact, it has been found that 51% of consumers will never do business with a company again, after having one negative experience with them. So you really do only get one chance to make a good first impression.

A lot of customers these days can feel used and abused by big companies and they don’t feel appreciated in the way that they once did. However, there are things that you can do to make sure that your customers feel appreciated, heard, and understood.

It will give them a positive experience with you, help customer retention, and work wonders for your reputation as a company too. Here are some of the things that you can do to help customers to feel heard.

1. Hire an ASL Interpreter for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals 

If you are not an inclusive company, then you will be alienating customers and immediately reducing how many people can use your business. If you think about your storefront, for example, and have made it wheelchair friendly, then you also need to think about putting things in place that will help customers with other disabilities.

Being able to communicate with your customers is vital, as well as them being able to communicate with you. So if you don’t have anything in place at the moment, then looking into interpretation services is a really good idea. For any customers that are deaf or hard of hearing, it can make such a difference and make your business much more accessible.

With COVID-19 precautions in place, and face coverings being worn, deaf or hard of hearing customers will find things even more difficult than usual. So being one step ahead and having an ASL interpreter can really help those customers feel heard.

2. Create Polls on Social Media to Get Feedback from Your Customers 

Social media is a must for any business, but are you making the most of it? Of course, you can share your blog posts and new product images and information. But are you harnessing social media to get some useful insight from your customers? After all, social media needs to be social with interaction, not just putting information out there.

On various social platforms, from Twitter to Instagram stories, you can create polls for your followers to interact with. This helps to give you some much needed feedback, for how things need to change, or new ideas or new things that they’d love to see from your business.

If you then go on and implement any of the suggestions, let them know! This will show them just how valued they are.

3. Create Incentives for Your Customers to Partner with You 

There are a number of incentives that you can offer customers to encourage them to do business with you, or to get more involved with your business. Things like loyalty programs are a good place to start, as it helps them to get rewarded for their purchases, and means that it is more likely that they will stick with you, rather than a competitor.

You could also consider something like crowdfunding as a way to get customers involved with your business. This helps them to be a part of what you do, and have a financial incentive as a result. 

4. Personalize Every Interaction, Even If It’s over the Web

People today not only want a personal touch from your business, but they now come to expect it. Fortunately for business owners, personalized customer service is an area where small businesses can do well and really shine.

You need to make sure that all experiences are personalized, even if you are only interacting with customers online. This could be on Zoom calls with clients, or using social media or online chat functions. 

You can personalize the experience by using the customer’s name, as well as using eye contact and smiling if you are face to face. Above all, you should be professional, but not like a robot. Being real with your customers can make the interaction more personal, and can give them a boost, as well as feel like they are really valued, heard, and included.