Video Remote Services

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What type of computer do you have?(Required)

What's your Internet Download Speed?

What's your Internet Upload Speed?

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Do you have a Headset with a microphone?(Required)

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Will you be in a closed-door room for privacy?(Required)

Will you be able to have a solid background with a contrasting color?(Required)
Ensure you have a good light source as well. No light sources should be behind you that are visible to the camera (eg. windows, lamps, etc)

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Video Remote Services

RISE Employees are able to be approved to do Video Remote Services from Home!

Requirements and Guidelines
internet connection

An internet connection with a minimum download/upload speed of 10mb is required, although a connection of 20mb+ is recommended

Computer & Hardware

It is essential that computer hardware is current for a smooth VRI session. A Windows (PC) or Mac with at least 2.4 GHz processor speed and 4 GB of RAM is required. A 1mp (720p) camera is required, although a 2+mp (1080p) camera is recommended. A headset is also required, one with a noise-canceling microphone is recommended.


It’s crucial that surroundings are well suited for video. Assignments should be performed in a closed-door room free of distractions and without others present. Lighting and sound must allow the interpreter to be seen and heard clearly without unnecessary background noise. Interpreters should be dressed as if providing on-site service.