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RISE Interpreting is headquartered in Riverside, CA but provides interpreting services throughout all of Southern California. Our mission is to make effective communication fully accessible between Deaf and Hearing individuals through quality interpreting and community education. We are seeking qualified applicants for a various Staff Interpreting positions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Facilitates effective communication between Deaf/Hard of hearing and hearing parties in various settings. The interpreter will serve the community by: providing excellent customer service, educating the hearing client about Deaf culture when appropriate, and sharing relevant resources. Participate in additional projects that lead to the development and progress of the organization.

  • Interpret messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified languages individually or as a team.
  • Identify, prepare, plan, and compile relevant information to prepare for assignments based on data received via job confirmation.
  • Sight translates written documents when necessary.
  • Educate clients and consumers about the role and functions of interpreters.
  • Abide by the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC).
  • Provide information to supervisors and co-workers regarding clients/consumers where necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Preferred Certification
  • Valid RID/NAD Certification
  • EIPA or ESSE Certification 4.0+
  • Undergraduate Degree Preferred
  • Completion of Interpreter Training Program (ITP)
  • High School Diploma
Types of Positions
  • Full-Time Positions:FT Interpreters would be available to RISE 40 hours a week, typically 8am-5pm Monday – Friday. RISE Schedulers will place full time staff in interpreting assignments to cover business needs. Able to pick up additional hours nights and weekends as well.
  • Part-Time Positions: PT Interpreters would be available to RISE 2-3 days a week for a total of 16-24 hours, typically 8am-5pm MW or TTH. RISE Schedulers will place part time staff in interpreting assignments to cover business needs on assigned days. Part time staff will still be able to pick up Flex shifts on non-scheduled days./li>
  • Flex Positions: Flex Interpreters will be available to pick up available interpreting shifts based on business needs. This classifications closely resembles a freelance model which allows the interpreter to control what shifts they do and do not schedule for themselves.

We will discuss in the interview which position you are interested in applying for.

  • Required Experience: Interpreting: 1 year
  • Required Language: American Sign Language

To apply with us, complete the form and submit your resume. If you are not yet certified, please include three professional references.

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