Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

“The person who came today was fantastic. His name is Jimmy Granger. I was told he was even [interpreting for] him at lunch recess. [the student] really responded well to both the lady in December and Mr. Jimmy today. It seemed as though [the student] was more involved in the lessons today than he ever has been. Even my aide said [the student] did great during her math rotation today and that Mr. Jimmy [interpreted] everything.
During library time even the Librarian told Mr. Jimmy he must be doing a great job. Then she said she noticed a difference in Andrew with Mr. Jimmy signing. He actually participated in the story discussion and was sitting up and seemed to be paying attention the entire time.”
Date of Posting: 12 January 2016
Posted By: K. Sanchez, K-12 Teacher
You are awesome as always! Every time I need a "substitute" interpreter for one of our students you always respond, and even more important, when I need an substitute at a moments notice, you always come through for our school district! You always RISE to the challenge!!

Thank you so much!

T. Nunn
Student Support Services
Special Education
Date of Posting: 08 September 2014
Posted By: T. Nunn
The staff is very friendly as well as knowledgeable with the current interpreting codes and practices.
Date of Posting: 24 March 2014
Posted By: A. Enriquez, Trilingual Interpreter
"We used Rise Interpreting Services for a City Council Meeting in February 2014 to accommodate students from a local school enrolled into a sign language course. The interpreters were great! Not only were they on time, the two of them switched every twenty minutes to give each other a break. Great service! We will use in the future."
Date of Posting: 07 March 2014
Posted By: Julie, Customer
"I love working with RISE! The staff is helpful and super nice. One of my favorite things about them is that they invest in their interpreters and care greatly about the Deaf community. Additionally, I have gotten majorly spoiled with the scheduling and invoice system set up for us interpreters. Keep up the great work guys :) "
Date of Posting: 31 December 2013
Posted By: Martha V., Trilingual Interpreter
"RISE is professional and friendly. I would recommended that any company or agency use their service. I applaud them for their quickness and efficiency!"
Date of Posting: 11 December 2013
Posted By: Toni C., Employment Specialist (Deaf Consumer)
“RISE is an exceptional company. The care of their clients and interpreters never ceases to amaze me. The open and honest dialogue amongst the interpreters and office staff, who work for RISE, embodies what other agencies should strive to become. I commend them on their business practices and highly endorse them as the agency to work for."
Date of Posting: 06 August 2013
Posted By: Marjorie F., CI & CT (Interpreter)
I am very pleased with your company’s morals and business conduct…

I like that I can call the company instead of using email only. You definitely make it easy to accept work, report my work and get paid!”
Date of Posting: 06 August 2013
Posted By: Zibby B., NAD V (Interpreter)
“I can say without a doubt that RISE interpreting is the most professional and committed agency that I work with. Because of their reputation, my fellow interpreters, Deaf consumers as well as the hiring agencies prefer working with RISE over the other interpreting agencies.”
Date of Posting: 06 August 2013
Posted By: Jennifer B., NIC Advanced (Interpreter)
“When I know RISE is providing my interpreter, my self-confidence rises because I know that I will be presented with a qualified interpreter.
...no other agency can compare to RISE. I cannot say enough good things about them.”
Date of Posting: 06 August 2013
Posted By: Roberta S., Outreach Specialist (Deaf Consumer)

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