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Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Facilitates effective communication between Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing parties in various settings. The interpreter will serve the community by; educating the client on Deaf culture, sharing resources and providing superior customer service, participate in additional projects that lead to the development and progress of the organization.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Perform a high volume and wide range of complex scheduling tasks specific to requests for interpreter services. The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to: managing interpreter service assignment requests through a variety of sources: phones, emails, and faxes. Schedulers navigate through various software platforms used to support the daily administration of interpreter assignments by entering requests, changes, scheduling and confirming assignments with interpreters.


Instructional Signing Aides

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The sign language instructional aide will perform a variety of instructional duties, working under the direction of on-site personnel. Serves as the language model for the deaf or hard-of-hearing student and helps students master instructional equipment, programs, and materials assigned by the teacher. As directed by on-site personnel, reinforces lessons and instructs students individually or in groups within a classroom setting, assisting them in reaching classroom objectives. Assists with developing communication skills and socialization skills.



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