FAQ’s - Interpreters

Do I have to be certified to work with RISE?

Certification is strongly preferred. We do recognize one needs experience in order to become certified, however. We do offer work to pre-certified interpreters that we feel is appropriate, some of which include opportunities to team with seasoned interpreters.

What is the RISE payscale?

Rates are negotiated individually.

How often do you pay?

Is Direct Deposit offered?

How does RISE schedule jobs?

We query interpreters based on customer/client preferences, qualifications, interpreter availability and distance for that assignment. We do not send email blasts to our entire list of interpreters.

What’s your teaming policy?

We typically schedule a team of two interpreters on jobs approaching two hours or more.

How do I submit an invoice?

Invoices may be submitted through our online scheduling system. Simply log in and click on the Invoice tab. One invoice should be submitted per pay period.

Is having a smartphone necessary?

No, but it is highly encouraged. For efficiency, we rely heavily upon email communication.


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